From the deepest oceans to the darkest forests to the highest peaks, 'BiosphereVR' is a pioneering project using a series of seven short, 360-degree, immersive films, also known as Virtual Reality (VR), to take viewers to places on the planet where climate change is having an impact.

Each episode is narrated by an indigenous person from that geographic territory, who will act as guide, mentor, and storyteller.  Combining global and local, fact and discovery, story and science, the viewer explores their world by immersing themselves in wondrous places that are under threat and hearing the tales of local people.

The episodic structure of the project allows for the films to be used as either stand-alone trips in support of other information or activity, or as modules forming the centrepiece of a singular overview of climate change.

A e-book is being launched free to all Danish schools featuring the eduXpåerience role playing game: The VR Journey where you (the student) become the climate investigator looking for clues in different countries and presenting your scientific findings to a junior climate panel. Has been presented in China in collaboration with the Danish Embassy in Beijing, The innovation Centre of Shanghai and Tsinhua University in Beijing, Lab for lifelong Learning. Supported by The Danish Ministry of Education and the Foreign Ministry of Denmark.

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