VOICE IT is a production format in which we let objects like the sea be the central figures in the film or VR experience, allowing these objects to tell the story from their own perspective.

Created and developed by FOX MEDIA

Made use of by WNF Worldwide, Zentropa Productions (Riis), Ministry of Education Denmark, Ministry of Science Denmark among others. Featured in The Museum of Modern Art.

When was the last time you heard an environmental story told by the sea or by a tree in the forest? By letting our talented script team use their imagination, we can come up with a story told by an object, or a historical person who never created any sound recordings, or at least not the right sound recordings. It could also be that there is a character in your documentary who does not speak in a clear, coherent tone. Or, maybe you want that person to speak another language? No problem.

The Wadden Sea speaks out // Borderless Sea

The creative thought process of an Astro Physicist // River of Time

Going back in thoughts Jacob A. Riis // Flash of a Dream

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