From the deepest oceans to the darkest forests to the highest peaks, 'BiosphereVR' is a pioneering project using a series of seven short, 360-degree, immersive films, also known as Virtual Reality (VR), to take viewers to places on the planet where climate change is having an impact.


Created and developed by FOX MEDIA

Developed in cooperation with by DRTV (Denmark), YLE (Finland), NRK (Norway), UR (SVT) Sweden. Backed by The Danish Foreign Ministry, The Danish Ministy of Education, Den Küngliga Tekniske Högskolan (Swe), The Danish Association of Film Directors among others.

Partners:  Biosphere Pictures (Sweden)

Throughout the last century, our biosphere has been affected by human activity in ways that we do and do not understand. The most dramatic effect is the accumulation of carbon dioxide that has happened over the last several decades--a result derived mainly from human consumption of fossil fuels. Today, we have the technology to understand that the concentration of CO2 has increased noticeably since the dawn of modern industry.

In this interactive experience, multiple chapters from across the globe are woven together to form a series of short episodes where users are immersed in a variety of different environments to witness, first-hand, the causes, the effects and the delicate, majestic ecosystems that are feeling the effects of climate change. In each episode, students will be tasked with observations to make, evidence to uncover, photographs to take and reports to write.

Each episode is narrated by an indigenous person from that geographic territory, who will act as guide, mentor, and storyteller. The viewer is immersed in the role of a research scientist, examining everything in each new environment - exploring such diverse topics as geology, biology, physics, climatology, chemistry and social anthropology. In addition to scientific exploration, the viewer will also hear stories of heartbreak and triumph told directly to them by the native people who have witnessed first-hand the changes in the lands they call home. Combining global and local, fact and discovery, story and science, the viewer explores their world by immersing themselves in wondrous places that are under threat and hearing the tales of local people.

The episodic structure of the project allows for the films to be used as either stand-alone trips in support of other information or activity, or as modules forming the centrepiece of a singular overview of climate change.

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