Refining the qualities - new documentary


We are pleased that the prestigious A.P. Møller Foundation along with the Ministry of Education has backed a documentary in our series: Human Inovation, about how a Michelins Restaurant Kadaeu, teamed up with a big fishing firm in Bornholm to continue  to make use of all the people who can't fish anymore or who have been marginalised on the Danish Island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea. They still work at the harbour in an old Fishing store house. Now they make the purest juice of apples. New times crave new solutions. They are not always easy to implement.

VR art opening at Copenhagen Contemporary

Fox attended the opening od the first VR art exhibition in Denmark. Some were good some just not worth it. Most interested were Christian Lemmerz as a part superstar, part Frankenstein. Walking around the golden figure could possibly appeal to the churches and to the art institutions. But cost of a 100.000 USD for a memory stick and a pair of Occulus? Hmmm

Good sense of VR in this title, though.

Facebook / Blend Dinner in Amsterdam

Fox Media attended the Facebook / blend "standing dinner" by invitation at the prestigious Art´Otel i Amsterdam. Here we talked to the founders of Blend who were interested in our Biosphere VR production and want to see the 360 images produced.



Fox at the IBC Amsterdam

Fox were on the lookout at IBC Amsterdam. A great pool of hardware with it´s own future section. Interesting things was an Iglo cinema where one could project a 360 video onto the round walls and not see ones own shadow, several start ups.

Igloovision 2017

Igloovision 2017

The Chinese are coming. Great innovations within VR among them the Kandao team that won the innovation prize from 2017.

Sony has an extensive shelf of innovations within the smaller camera sections. Among them a video camera with a 35mm cmos sensor that could be hid in the palm of your hand.

Deadly Run in Chamonix


We have just returned from the Mont Blanc in Chamonix in order to explore VR storytelling to the fullest.

With funding from the national broadcaster in the Nordisc countries, DR, SVT, YLE, NRK we came up with a strong concept for our series. We had great help to accomplich our goals from BR-concept in New York, from Makropol in Denmark,  from Zita in Spain, from Crash in Denmark. We are glad the the Forign Ministry of Denmark and the Educational Ministry is involved. More partners in Germany and the US will be listed at a later date.