The Robotic professorr travels the World to meet new co-creaters.

An ambitious theatre group of mentally challenged actors. Social economic companies #1

Development of the Biospshere VR series - test shot Mont Blanc /DR/SVT/NRK/YLE

Peter Madsen build the Worlds biggest submarine. Now he accused of murder - in the Submarine. This trailer was made from a film that was shot at the time he launched his submarine Nautilus

Going back in thoughts Jacob A. Riis // Flash of a Dream

The creative thought process of an Astro Physicist // River of Time

Series on Innovations / DRTV +m Digital educational network (plus teaching book on innovation)

Niels Bohr´s spritual awakening after Hirishima

The Wadden Sea speaks out // Borderless Sea

Innovation Series / National TV, DRTV & Educational digital network

First serious environmental film // The Planet /SVT/DRTV

Miniks sens

Rainman // First film // production 1994 // National TV, Channel Four // NRK // Among others

Novo Nordic develops insuline // corporate film on their first years in China //