Backed by the A.P Møller Foundation & Ministry of Education, Denmark.


There are 27 million unemployed in the EU. Many young people never experience to be included in society. A massive amount of people are being valuated as "not qualified".

Is it not time that we start considering if we are on to the right track, socially. Is is about time to upgrade the system?

Maybe some innovative thinking could help the situation? Fox Media Documentaries thinks so.


Created and developed by FOX MEDIA Supported by the Ministry of Education and the A.P. Moeller Foundation. 

What if we instead of defining deifferent as being unique?

What if we started to say that discovering qualities in human beings is not a matter of fitting into a form, but a matter of using the challange of fitting the form to the unique individual and being open to the gift this challenge bid us?

In a series of three films we will show you examples of how well this approach works within a competetive structure.

In our first episode we focus on a theatre trup in Copenhagen - "Happy" where the plays are adapted to the actors uniqe expressions, letting the orginality be the ressource, instead of the problem.

The results are theatre that blows alll conventions and present plays so orginal that establiced film directors and theatre people seek inspiration whenever the theatre performs a new play. The social ecconomic theatre competes along side the "normal" theatres and are reviewed as they are. As a supplement to the films Fox Media developes unique digital learning materials for all gymnsasiums in Denmark. Here the pupels are placed in situations where they need to apply innovation to turn social challenges into new possibilities that is humanly dignified and and open a new scope for future possibilities seen from a global perspective.


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