Fox Media is now transforming 20 years of experience working with broadcasters nationally and internationally to Virtual reality. In the process we make our trained eyes use the new media to create stories, images and concepts that fits this new technology, making it work for our stories and ideas instead of just adding it as an attractive gimmick that will draw attention. We really feel that this is a beginning of a new era where content becomes a clay to fit each new media and distribution that is available. For they are changing fast.

We are monitoring the technology process closely with private links to many of the leading manufacturers of hardware in Asia, Europe and the US.




Fox Media´s Kandao Obsidian VR 3D

Our recent investment is in a brand Obsidian Kandao out of China. This camera produces some interesting stereoscopic 360 video that can be stitched more easily that what have seen before.

And the price tag has made the leader in the 3D VR camera NOKIA OZO drop their prices drastically.

After running the usual tests of the camera which we believe is the first in Scandinavia we will use this camera to produce a series in VR plus various commissions.

We will also be available to assist you as a producer or clients with camera and operator to produce fully working virtual reality recording in 3D that is truly immersive. Get in touch today for more info and a chat.

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